Who here has gone out, or wandered just for the purpose of people watching? Then try to figure out the personlaity of the person your watching. Ifrequently do this should I be going to a restaurant or a coffee shop or on the bus or train,where ever I am at the time and there are people around. But constantly reminding myself of the boundaries and borderlines between stalking someone and just being interested in there own life. This people watching, which the nation has adopted lovingly, seems to have you know what I just forgot what I was going to say. So I will just say this people watching people people watch the people who are people watching. There did that make sense? During this coming ellipses re-read the past sentence which didn’t make sense and think about it………………….. Got it? Oh I just remembered it can be educaitional in many aspects for instance if you are studying pshycology at university or Colege people watching can teach you about body language and the way in which people react to low social situations or should the people you are watching be a couple or a family the way which the children to parent relaitionship dynamic or the couples relaitionship dynamic¬†

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People watching